how to Encourage Social Distancing at a Wedding Right Now?

This wedding season, planners, event managers, and couples all over the world were faced with
a new and relevant challenge: How can they plan a wedding and encourage social distancing?

Here are some pro-social distancing ideas that can keep your wedding fun and safe.
Provide Your Guests with Face Masks To have a socially distant wedding, you need to start with the basics. While many guests may come with masks of their own, having an option at the ready helps especially for anyone making an excuse not to wear one.

Use an Identification System

Give your guests the gift of reading the room! You can use color-coded armbands, pins,
or even hats to allow your guests to express their comfort levels.
– Red or Pink: “This person is social distancing, please stay away”
– Blue or Yellow: “I’ll stand next to you, but please don’t touch me”
– Green or White: “Yay, antibodies!”

Ditch the Buffett
Help your guests by removing social distancing obstacles! Go for a plated menu instead
of an open buffet and keep your guests safe and satisfied.

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