Celebrity Florist Jeff Leatham’s Advice to Brides

It is very different to plan a wedding during the days of social media than it was before. The internet opens up options and inspirations galore. The problem is that it’s very difficult to stop yourself from going down the rabbit-hole of wedding theme ideas.

Celebrity Florist Jeff Leatham offered up some invaluable advice to our brides-to-be. While he
supports playing around with ideas on social media and the internet, he has found that, usually,
a bride’s first idea is a bride’s best idea.

Leatham – “Have [a wedding] that’s catered to your personality and your budget.
Leatham went even further, giving brides-to-be life-saving wedding advice: have a budget. This
way, you’ll know what kind of a wedding you can plan without wasting your time.

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